Home Remodeling-The Cold Hard Facts

Watson 15 Kitchen

There comes a point in every homes life where certain truths cannot be denied.

Houses, like people, tend to require more and more maintenance with age. Some houses, also like people, age more gracefully than others, but there are certain things that happen no matter the degree of continued upkeep and attention. Continued use over the years does damage, and that simple fact is an undeniable truth of being a homeowner.

Do you fancy yourself the type to cook at home as often as you can? With many southern Californians having long commutes to and from work, cooking in your own kitchen offers a welcomed reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. The kitchen is a place that rewards taking your time, quite opposite from the 405 freeway.

Over time, things like grease buildup and numerous stains from that I-swear-I-usually-don’t-burn-it lasagna can discolor and damage countertops. Too many bouts of hot grease in a sink basin can wreak havoc on both the sink itself and the drain. Spilled wine can give that once-beautiful tile floor a decidedly more Prince-inspired look, whether you wanted it or not. After all, purple isn’t awesome in every application.

May Family Room

If you’re like many families in So Cal, you may have purchased a home at a point in time when you didn’t have children or pets, but do now. Although cats and dogs make great friends, and raising kids can be one of the most rewarding experiences one can imagine, they are less than kind to flooring and countertops. Spills happen, cabinets and walls make for excellent art mediums, and litter boxes may be seen as more of a suggestion than a necessity.

The same basic rules of wear and tear apply to bathrooms, though most bathrooms also feature showers and/ or bathtubs. The addition of consistent exposure to water significantly impacts both the amount of time and scope of the damage done. While the risk of mold is present in kitchens, the odds of developing potentially dangerous mold in a bathroom are substantially higher.

This is not an article designed to scare you, it is merely sharing some inevitable truths. Houses are meant to be lived in and enjoyed, and many of the best memories you will have will be in your home. It is the one place you can go and truly unwind.

Time can be rather cruel to all aspects of a home, but it is easier than ever to breathe new life into a well-loved home.

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